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Casa del Sol: Care of the Front-Side Exteriors

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Additional Architectural Notes

  • Screen Door Color Guidelines: Street side, first floor screen doors are to be "dark brown" or "white".

  • Front Door/Trim Color Guidelines: White or the "special color paint" available at ACE Hardware, 6807 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City. It is on file in the paint department under "Casa Del Sol Door and Trim". Reference Casa del Sol trim paint. Base paint number is 159a310. Colorants are B, F, and TT. Numbers on scan are the quantity. Also, note that this is for a QUART sized amount. See scan of paint formula print out (Updated:12/22/15)

  • Wood decks on back of units: Canal side deck and balconies will be Sherwin Williams Solid Body Stain, Acorn Brown.  This fall, 2021, the board will attempt to stain all rear balconies and decks with the solid body stain in an attempt to have the entire rear side uniform in color. Owners are asked not to stain any decks or balconies.

Updated: July 22, 2021